as i am working in the field of spatial issues, i have been specializing myself in the representation and perception of space through photography. a main point is the 360° x 180 ° panorama. many of you might know them from maps like google street view ect. but i want to set my focus differently. as in the google world and in the collective memory, stitching (putting together images to a panorama by software) errors are commonly accepted, i point more to a high resolution standard, in order to provide authentic spatial perception. of course, the panorama technique isn't a new technique at all, but i think, we have to change our ideas about it and embed it in a more quotidian way.

especially for artists, art galleries and museums there are very interesting ways of use to promote knowledge, art and sale. also in terms of archiving i see a huge relevance. i use these techniques for both personal and commercial work. if you want to learn more about it, don't hesitate to contact me.


zephyr - raum für fotografie der reiss-engelhorn-museen, mannheim - 02/2019 | exhibition 'smart as photography' | artists: douglas busch | david campany | forensic architecture | dieter m. gräf | katrin koenning | simon menner | rosa roth | anastasia samoylova | joachim schmid | alistair taylor-young


galerie kim behm | art gallery, frankfurt - 02/2019 | exhibition ‘Malerei!’ | rudolf de crignis | jakob gasteiger | elisabeth sonneck | 19.1. - 2.3.2019


[KUNST] PROJEKTE | art gallery, mannheim - 01/2019 | exhibition ‘SILENT PILLOW’ cordue | nina kozelj | 25.01. - 22.02.2019


artist angel panevski in his studio in mannheim, germany - 01/2019


hochstraße nord, ludwigshafen am rhein - 02/2019 | part of the documentation regarding my exhibition