picture by m.brancati

in his works, marco vedana (born 1983 in mannheim) dedicates himself to the perception of space, which should not only be understood in terms of the interior, but as a permanent entity that surrounds us. in the photographer's understanding, space is defined by architecture, nature and the photographic frame of the composition. as a main aspect he is researching materiality and atmospheres. in doing so, his choice of the viewing angle leads to an experiential perspective that contributes to the viewer's very own visual experience.

especially the architectures of the venetian architect carlo scarpa aroused in marco vedana a sensitization for spatial and environmental context, which he initially explored in the architectures themselves, in order then to reduce the image content to give more space to emptiness.

during his work marco vedana asks himself how the viewer is influenced by space, environment and architecture. the photographing process, the experience the artist collects while making pictures, is essential to him, the final product - the picture itself - a positive collateral effect.

marco vedana gets inspired by renaissance and classic modern art on the one hand and techniques of the digital age like 3d modeling and vr on the other hand.

his personal style is characterized by clear compositions that reveal external factors that continue to exist beyond photography.